The comedian said that he may perhaps maybe perhaps most likely also not retain apologising for remarks made in the past and that he had since “developed”. On the opposite hand, he did apologise to the LGBTQ community on TwitterKevin Frigid weather/Getty Images

Kevin Hart, the comedian, has stood down as host of the Academy Awards after being criticised for making homophobic comments in the past.

Two days after he was as soon as announced because the host for the Oscars ceremony, which is held in February, Hart posted a video on Instagram explaining why he had decided stop his “dream gig”.

The academy had suggested Hart, 39, to apologise or quit for announcing that having a homosexual son would be one of his supreme fears.

“I chose to travel on the apology,” Hart said. “The explanation I passed is because I’ve addressed this several times. I’ve said who I’m now versus who I was as soon as then. I’ve completed it. I’m not going to proceed to switch encourage and…